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Updated: 26 December 2014
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This heart warming Disney production, released in 1993 is based on the true story of the 1988 Olympic Jamaican bobsled team.

When Derice Bannock (Leon) fails to qualify for the Olympics 100 yard sprint due to an injury, he calls upon the services of Irwin Flitzer (John Candy), a retired and disgraced former Olympic bobsled athlete, disgraced by putting weights in his bobsled at a former Olympic games.

Together and with the help of Sanka (Doug E. Doug), Junior (Rawle D. Lewis) and Yul (Malik Yoba), they decide to set up a Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. Naturally this causes hilarity on the island as the boys try to train in the scorching winter heat of Jamaica.

However team spirit and plenty of self-confidence leads to a few surprises at the Winter Games as they defy all odds and get into the Olympics.

Although only loosely based on the true story, and despite the normal level of Disney sugar coating present, this is still a great family movie with some genuinely laugh out loud moments for adults as well as kids. It also offers us a chance to see one of the last great performances from comedy legend John Candy who died a year after this movie's release.


Derice Bannock
Leon Robinson
Sanka Coffie
Doug E. Doug
Junior Bevil
Rawle D. Lewis
Yul Brenner
Malik Yoba
Irving 'Irv' Blitzer
John Candy
Kurt Hemphill
Raymond J. Barry
Josef Grool
Peter Outerbridge