Background was founded in 2010 by founder and owner Chris as a means of taking a lifelong interest a step further.

We do it for fun, this is our passion project and we track down filming locations because we’re fascinated by that strange space between the screen and reality which they represent. Above all though, it’s another way to explore our favourite TV shows and films and share that interest with other fans.

We are honoured that the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society has shared their expertise with us by adding many of the locations you will see in our Dad’s Army TV section. Their valuable contributions can also be found for the The Dad’s Army Movie (1971) and the recent remake Dad’s Army (2016) starring Toby Jones and Bill Nighy.

We are proud to relaunch the site for 2017 with a fresh design and new features to improve your location finding experience. You can now:

  • View locations and scenes separately
  • Catch your favourites with integrated TV scheduling
  • See location types at a glance (road, stadium, etc.)

Popular TV Shows and Films

Classic British sitcoms have always been a firm favourite of our founder, Chris, so we’re drawn to those old favourites, something that is evident is our TV section. It boasts the one of the web’s biggest collections of collated locations from the likes of Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and Still Game.

It’s not just about a good old-fashioned laugh though. Alongside our own much-loved shows you will also find new programmes, new and classic films.

Locations and Scenes

The biggest change made during our site relaunch was to completely separate out locations and scenes, which we hope will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. Filming locations will show you the specific road or building while the information on scenes will tell you exactly what’s going on in the specific moment or moments.

Use the new layout to track down the spot where that exact moment took place, check out all of a location’s screen appearances or just browse the info. The choice is yours, happy location hunting from