The Golden Compass Filming Locations

Updated: 28 December 2014
Family Drama Adventure Fantasy

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Impressive fantasy drama, released in 2007, based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. In a parallel universe, young orphan Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards, pictured) resides in Oxford under the patronage of her dashing adventurer Uncle, Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig). This is a world of shape-shifting daemons, armoured polar bears and the terrifying "gobblers", who kidnap children. When Lyra comes into possession of an alethiometer, a compass that truthfully answers any question, there are people who will do anything to get hold of it, and Lyra finds herself on an epic quest to the frozen North to safeguard the future of her entire world.

The first instalment of Philip Pullman's hugely successful trilogy is a special effects spectacular, with fantastic performances from newcomer Dakota Blue Richards and Nicole Kidman as the icily evil Mrs Coulter. Although, as with all literary adaptations, there isn't room for every detail of the books, fans of Pullman's work and Dark Material novices alike will be thrilled by the stunning realisation of these classic stories.