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Updated: 22 January 2014
Thriller Horror Drama


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Daniel Radcliffe stars in this Hammer horror tale of supernatural goings-on in Victorian England.

While still grieving the loss of his wife, London lawyer Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe, in his first post-Harry Potter screen role) travels north to Eel Marsh House to organise its sale. At first it sounds like a straightforward assignment, but when he arrives it becomes clear that it's anything but.

The remote village nearest the property is unwelcoming and suspicious of Kipps, and the old house itself is forbidding and creepy, even before he enters it; once he's inside, it quickly reveals a panoply of scares and horrors. Is it really haunted by a woman clad in mourning clothes, who confers a curse on all who see her? If so, is she responsible for the series of mysterious deaths that have befallen local youngsters? Or are the villagers concealing dark secrets behind their cloak of unfriendliness and stories of a vengeful ghost?

The film was adapted from Susan Hill's novel by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) and directed by James Watkins who supplies a steady stream of aural and visual shocks and scares throughout.