Les Misérables Filming Locations

Updated: 25 August 2017
Musical Drama

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Victor Hugo's epic 19th-century commentary on social injustice is brought expertly to the screen in spine-tingling, Oscar-winning fashion.

The drama follows the life of Gallic convict Jean Valjean (an Oscar-nominated Hugh Jackman) who jumps parole and builds a new existence as a respectable town mayor. With the kindling of revolution beginning to smoulder, he finds himself caught between his misunderstood past and attempts at redemption, before being forced to make some decisions that will forever affect his life, and those of his police captain pursuer Javert (Russell Crowe) and the young orphan girl Cosette (Amanda Seyfried) whom he saved and raised as his own.

This Les Mis feature may be the latest in a long line of cinema adaptations dating back to 1909, but with the Midas touch of director Tom Hooper, the rousing melodies of the much-loved stage show strikingly recorded live during filming, and a heart-stopping rendition of I Dreamed a Dream by Anne Hathaway (who won an Academy gong for her stirring 30 minutes on screen), this is the most successful and perhaps most memorable so far.


Jean Valjean
Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe
Anne Hathaway
Amanda Seyfried
Sacha Baron Cohen
Madame Thénardier
Helena Bonham Carter
Marius Pontmercy
Eddie Redmayne
Aaron Tveit
Éponine Thénardier
Samantha Barks
Daniel Huttlestone