The Sixth Sense Filming Locations

Updated: 8 November 2011
Thriller Drama


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M. Night Shyamalan's widely acclaimed chiller about a boy who has the not-entirely-welcome ability to directly contact the dead.

Bruce Willis stars as child psychologist Dr Malcolm Crowe, who is asked to help Cole Sear, who claims he can 'see dead people'. Crowe is sceptical at first, but - prompted partly by a similar case from his past, who he felt he badly let down - he's gradually convinced that the boy is telling the truth. Crowe believes that actively engaging with the ghostly presences could help both Sear and the spirits to find peace.

Overcoming his terror, the lad finds that communicating with the deceased does, at first, seem to be beneficial. But then matters take on their own momentum, leading to one of the director's trademark plot twists.