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Updated: 6 September 2011


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Hapless Ted (Ben Stiller) is haunted by the nightmare memory of his prom night, where he scored a date with beautiful Mary (Cameron Diaz) only to suffer an eye-watering accident that spoiled everything.

Thirteen years on, he hires a private detective (Matt Dillon) to track down his high-school sweetheart, but the slimy gumshoe falls in love with Mary himself and poor Ted finds himself battling through a deluge of sticky situations (literally) to beat off the other suitors for Mary's affections.

The Farrelly brothers' third film, released in 1998, is just as much slapstick fun as their previous hits, Dumb And Dumber and Kingpin, with the added attraction of some hilarious lead stars. Lee Evans puts in a scene-stealing performance that's worth looking out for, but perhaps the most notable thing about the film is that the zipper scene was based on a real incident suffered by a friend of Bobby Farrelly... Ouch.