Dad's Army Film (2016) Filming Locations

Updated: 10 January 2016
Comedy Sitcom

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In this star-studded revival of the BBC wartime sitcom, we return to Walmington-on-Sea for a fresh adventure. Toby Jones and Bill Nighy inherit Mainwaring and Wilson’s shoes to lead a new cast in playing the classic characters. The original Pike, Ian Lavender, makes a cameo as Brigadier Pritchard while Frank Williams returns as the Reverend.

The platoon find themselves embroiled in a spy plot, and the traitor could be anyone. Nobody knows who to trust, and things get fractious as suspicions fly. To top it all off, Mainwaring, Pike and Wilson are competing for the attentions of glamorous journalist Rose Winters - it’s poor timing for Mainwaring to fall for flattery as this film also gives us our first glimpse of the never-seen- onscreen Mrs Mainwaring, played by the gloriously strident Felicity Montagu.