Alan Partridge Alpha Papa - On Location

Article by Chris
May 22nd, 2019
Alan Partridge Alpha Papa - On Location

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Alan Partridge has come a long way since his memorable beginnings of sports reporting on "The Day Today". Steve Coogan's alter ego has had a successful chat show until an untimely end with Knowing Me, Knowing You, presenting the graveyard shift on Radio Norwich (portrayed in I'm Alan Partridge, series 1), Norfolk Nights on the same station (I'm Alan Partridge, series 2, and finally on North Norfolk Digital (Mid Morning Matters mini series), and it is at this station where we join the movie version of Alan Partridge.

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa's plot centres around a takeover of North Norfolk Digital by a multinational company who intend to rebrand the station as 'Shape' (much to the current presenter's disgust). Unfortunately Alan, whilst on the pretence of trying to save fellow presenter Pat Farrell's job, sees his own show could be at risk and chooses to sabotage Pat's instead.

Pat unleashes his revenge on the station by taking the other presenters hostage, however he keeps Alan as his go-between (believing Alan was always on his side). From there on in it is Alan Partridge as the face of the siege (or "Siege Face") before Pat and Alan take to the roads of Norfolk in the Radio Norwich radio van.
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To the delight of many fans, Norwich and Norfolk was used for a variety of the filming locations. The film begins and ends in Cromer with the beginning establishing shots showing Cromer pier and the Esplanade, which is where Alan and Pat find themselves at the film's finale for the main showdown.

The main focus of the Shape radio studios (nee North Norfolk Digital) is in London though, specifically in Mitcham, where Brook House is used. This exterior sees a lot of action throughout, particularly with a scantily clad Alan parading around outside whilst tied at the waist to a rope with Pat at the other end inside. It is also nearby here we see the exterior of Lynn's house, Alan's faithful PA.

Central Norwich is also used at two points during the film. After finding out about the hostage situation, Alan runs to flag down a car outside Norwich City Hall to get him to the nearest police station (only finding the nearest one is just round the corner. City Hall is also seen towards the end of the film when Michael is driving the Radio Norwich broadcast truck past the front. During this section you can also see the truck drive through the streets of Sheringham and finally into Cromer.

Have a look at our map view of the locations, and if you're watching the film follow the locations sequentially with our additional timeline view of the film, A-ha!

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