Big Brother UK Filming Locations: New Big Brother House and Original Studios

Article by Jane

October 6th, 2023

The new Big Brother house is at Garden Studios in Park Royal, London. Find out all about the Big Brother 2023 house and garden and join us for a quick look back at show’s past two locations.

Big Brother’s first episode aired on Channel 4 on 18th July 2000. The series continued at the same location through Series 2, before relocating. After 10 years, the show left Channel 4 for Channel 5, where it stayed until 5th November 2018. After a 5-year absence, the reality show is back with a new set of contestants moving in on 8th October 2023.

The new presenters are Will Best and AJ Odudu, who previously hosted Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Channel 5. And they’re heading to a new Big Brother house in a different part of London. Here are the essential facts.

Where Is the New Big Brother House 2023?

ITV’s Big Brother house is in Garden Studios in NW10, in a specially built house that sits alongside a sound stage.

The audition process for Big Brother contestants in the 2023 reboot started with an open call for applications on 10th October 2022. So if you have ambitions of appearing on next year’s show, now’s the time to prepare!

The Big Brother House Entrance

Big Brother UK’s new house entrance is built diagonally, adjoining the corner of the custom-built Big Brother house and the adjoining sound stage. Like the past entrances, it will take contestants from ground level to a first-floor door.

The Big Brother House

The new Big Brother house in Park Royal is a two-storey house with what looks like usable rooms on the upper level. In advance of the 2023 Big Brother reboot, the official Big Brother UK Instagram and X accounts revealed the construction process.

While past houses have traditionally featured a high-level entrance, forcing contestants to totter down to the living area, the rooms have usually shared a single floor.

The Big Brother Garden

On 6th October 2023, Big Brother UK shared pictures of the new garden, complete with an outdoor fireplace and sofas on a raised decking area.

There’s a hot tub in another corner of the garden. The ever-popular bench in an alcove is back – and of course, the mirrored glass returns to hide those all-important TV cameras.

Can You Visit the New Big Brother House?

Yes, you can apply to be part of the audience for Big Brother 2023 via Applause Store. According to the site, you can register for each eviction show for the chance to bag tickets.

Tickets to be in the Big Brother eviction audience are free, but expect to follow the rules on allocation and on the night.

Where Was the Original Big Brother House?

The original Big Brother house was at 3 Mills Studios in Bow. The reality TV show launched from the East London location and remained at the site for two years, before relocating.

The surrounding area has changed quite a bit in the years since. 3 Mills Studios is just a stone’s throw from Stratford and the Olympic Village, which was completed just over ten years after Big Brother’s departure.

Where Was the Last Big Brother House?

The last Big Brother house before its 2018 cancellation was in Elstree. Big Brother was filmed at Elstree for most of its run, starting in 2002 and lasting through the channel changes.

There was typically more than one season each year, with celebrity shows mixed with the classic format. And of course, the Big Brother house was famously remodelled for each series.

Each house design had to make room for the show’s 87 cameras and 110 microphones to pick up round-the-clock action.