Spotlight on: Dad's Army - Gorilla Warfare

Article by Chris
April 27th, 2019
Spotlight on: Dad's Army - Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Warfare


Episode 3 of the seventh series of Dad's Army centres around the platoon participating in an exercise to deliver a secret army agent to HQ.

Gorilla Warfare has a large amount of on-location scenes, largely done at Stanta, Norfolk.

The opening of the episode is largely studio based, as Captain Mainwaring attempts to organise the platoon ready for an exercise. For this mission, a secret agent (of course, Mainwaring decides it will be himself) must be delivered to GHQ without being captured by counter agents, and everyone is to be treated as a suspect.

As per usual Hodges and the verger decide to throw a spanner in the works to make sure Mainwaring is caught out at the first opportunity.

As the exercise gets under way, we see a large amount of filming done around Stanta, Norfolk, such as the roads where they pass several persons who they have to treat as suspicious.

It's back to the studio when the platoon stop for the night, whilst they are settling down Frazer treats everyone to a story to see them all off to sleep, although not quite what Mainwaring had in mind...

Stanta is seen further during the second day of the exercise where the platoon must overcome an unexpected newcomer to the party whilst they attempt to get Mainwaring to his target.

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