Spotlight on: Dad's Army - The Captain's Car

Article by Chris
February 14th, 2015
Spotlight on: Dad's Army - The Captain's Car

The Captain's Car


Episode 5 of the seventh series of Dad's Army, The Captain's Car, sees the platoon obtain a staff car from a benefactor helping the war effort.

The Captain's Car sees some great Mainwaring/Wilson moments - particularly when Lady Maltby offers her car to the platoon and, unknown to Mainwaring, Wilson and Lady Maltby are old friends (much to Mainwaring's disgust!).

It is requested that the platoon provide the guard of honour at a ceremony to celebrate a French general visiting the town, however following a mix up with a paint job done on the platoons new staff car makes for an entertaining conclusion.

Several locations are used in this episode, namely Honington and Thetford. Used in several episodes, All Saint's Church in Honington, and it's neighbouring school were used as St Aldham's Church and Church Hall respectively. The surrounding areas have hardly changed, and are easily recognisable in the shots seen in The Captain's Car. When the platoon are inspecting the paint job on the new staff car, the road is easy to recognise. Across the road from the school we also see the spot where Pike and Wilson collect petrol from Hodges motorbike.

Thetford is well known for its strong Dad's Army connection. The Guildhall (used in this episode) is still very much recognisable as it is in the tv series, and can be seen here as the location for the platoon picking up the staff car and also the location of the French General ceremony making it a pivotal part of the action.

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