Spotlight on: Dad's Army - The Godiva Affair

Article by Chris
February 7th, 2015
Spotlight on: Dad's Army - The Godiva Affair

The Godiva Affair


Episode 4 of the seventh series of Dad's Army, The Godiva Affair, sees the platoon putting on a performance (Morris Dancing) to raise money for the war effort.

The episode is fully studio based, so unfortunately no location filming to mention this time, however do remember to check out our extensive list of other Dad's Army locations.

In the beginning we join the platoon rehearsing their dance. All but Mainwaring are in full regalia (although Mainwaring does don a rather fetching hat). Rehearsals go largely to plan, although Wilson is less than convincing with his given lines to ask the crowds for money on the day; "Har, har, har, give till it hurts, har har har".

Following the rehearsal, Jones decides to confide in Mainwaring regarding his worries relating to his beloved Mrs Fox. She's got another man vying for her affection! Mainwaring decides to help and meet with Mrs Fox, a particular part we love here at FindThatLocation as throughout the rest of the episode she is convinced that the captain also has affections for her!

Hodges is also preparing for the fundraising, by choosing a suitable lady to play the part of Lady Godiva in the parade (a task which he is very much enjoying). It is decided though that the part should go to a more mature lady, that of Mrs Fox. However when the parade finally comes along some surprises are in store...

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