The Full Monty Series Filming Locations: Pub, Ski Slope, Ferry and More

Article by Jane

June 15th, 2023

Look out for The Full Monty 2023 filming locations like Idsworth Road, Holy Cross Church, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Parkwood Springs, Mercure Hotel and Tudor Square in Sheffield, Birkenhead Ferry Terminal and the Colliers’ Arms Pub.

The boys from the Millthorpe Working Men’s Club show are back. We catch up with the Full Monty men and their families 25 years later. Gaz Schofield (Robert Carlyle), Dave Horsefall (Mark Addy), Lomper (Steve Huison), Horse (Paul Barber), Nathan (Wim Snape), Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), Guy (Hugo Speer) and Jean (Lesley Sharp) all return to face the challenges of the 2020s in The Full Monty series on Disney Plus.

“I think that’s the way everybody feels, so the show, as well as being very local, very UK based, has an imperative that’s actually about the way a lot of people feel, no matter where they live and who they are.”
Lesley Sharp, Jean

And like the 1997 Full Monty film, the sequel was filmed on location in the North of England. Sheffield is back in the spotlight, and here are the filming locations to look out for in The Full Monty 2023.

Where Was the Full Monty Series Filmed?

Destiny driving the car
The new Full Monty sequel on Disney Plus was filmed in Sheffield, Rotherham, Bolton, Manchester and Birkenhead. Local locations were a priority for the production. In fact, the set dressers even sourced furniture locally. A Royton resident was surprised when the Disney team approached her to buy second hand furniture she was selling online.

The original Full Monty movie was filmed in spring and summer 1996. The new Full Monty sequel on Disney Plus followed a similar timeline – the Full Monty series was filmed across spring and summer 2022. Local press and residents spotted the cast and crew on location around Sheffield’s Gleadless Valley and Meadowhall, Bolton’s Crompton Place Shopping Centre and more of the real locations seen onscreen.

The Full Monty Series Filming Locations

Millthorpe Working Men’s Club

The Full Monty working men’s club location is on Idsworth Road in Sheffield. It appears in the opening shots of Episode 1, with a flashback to the Millthorpe Working Men’s Club location in 1997 and a view of the derelict building now.

The Shopping Centre

Meadowhall Shopping Centre Dave Bevis / Meadowhall - Shopping Centre roofline
The Full Monty’s shopping centre location is Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. Destiny Schofield (Talitha Wing) is seen taking sweets from a pick and mix stall near JD Sports in Episode 1, ‘Levelling Up’.

Robert Carlyle was spotted filming at Meadowhall in Sheffield for The Full Monty in early 2022. He’s seen on the upper level when he helps Destiny return Chelsea to her owner.

Destiny’s Joyride

Destiny’s joyride starts in Meadowhall car park, also in Episode 1. The Full Monty joyriding scene was also filmed around Salford’s Gardner Street and Cheltenham Street. Destiny is seen steering the Land Rover past the area’s industrial buildings at speed, while her boyfriend protests.


Parkwood Springs Path and Bench at Parkwood Springs by Jonathan Clitheroe, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The hilltop Full Monty filming location where the characters look out over the town is Parkwood Springs. It’s an open space of woodland and parkland near Sheffield city centre. The hills on the horizon belong to the Peak District.

Destiny’s House

Destiny’s house location in The Full Monty is a private property in Sheffield’s Gleadless Valley area. The Star caught filming in progress back in May 2017, a year before the series was released on Disney Plus.

The Grain of Sand Church

Holy Cross Church Mick Knapton, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Full Monty church filming location where the Grain of Sand mental health support group scene takes place is Holy Cross Church on Spotswood Mount, Gleadless Valley. In an interview with Yorkshire Live, Holy Cross Church’s minister talked about his hopes for the filming opportunity.

“These things don't happen in Gleadless Valley that often… I very much hope and pray that it will be something positive for our community and people will be able to look back and say, yes, Gleadless Valley is a great place to be.”
Reverend David Middleton, Holy Cross Church

The Full Monty support group scene was filmed beneath the church’s stained glass windows. In the sequence, Gaz tries to find out how to support his new friend, a graffiti artist who is struggling with his medication.

The Colliers Arms

Look out for The Colliers Arms pub in Chadderton – the Full Monty series filming location appears in Episode 2. Dave is seen leaving the pub while he struggles with his own problems and his wife is dealing with the school flood.

Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy were spotted filming scenes at the Oldham pub in May 2022. And more pub scenes were filmed at the Greyhound Pub in Royton, Oldham.

Ski Slope

Ski Village, Sheffield Terry Robinson / Ski Slopes at the Ski Village, Sheffield - 2
The Full Monty ski slope location is Sheffield Ski Village in Parkwood Springs. In Episode 3, ‘La Vie en Rose’, Gaz and Anthony sledge down the artificial ski slope to celebrate Anthony’s release from hospital.

Sheffield Ski Village’s overgrown ski slope is one of the remaining signs of what was once Europe’s largest artificial ski village. It opened in 1988, and operated until it was damaged by a fire 34 years later.

Hull Ferry Terminal

Twelve Quays Terminal in Birkenhead is The Full Monty’s ferry port location in Episode 3, ‘La Vie en Rose’ and Episode 4, ‘Homing’. Look out Hull destinations such as Mount Pleasant and Hedon Road, which have been added to road signs as the car passes by.

In fact, the Disney Full Monty sequel ferry scenes were filmed in the North West of England, on the Wirral Peninsula. The ferry terminal building is the Stena Line Liverpool Port building at Birkenhead’s Twelve Quays Terminal.

We think the ferry Lomper sails to Amsterdam on is the Stena Embla. It doesn’t boast any Amsterdam (or Hull) connections – it sails under the flag of Cyprus, and journeys between Birkenhead and Belfast.

Mercure Hotel

Mercure Sheffield Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel by Ian S, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The hotel where Lomper meets Mr Sang-Chol (Joshua Jo) about the pigeon is the Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s Hotel on Norfolk Street. In the scene, Lomper parks his moped outside before meeting his pigeon contacts in the hotel foyer. Lomper and Vince (Bruce Jones) learns hat the contact will be waiting in the Presidential Suite for news on the pigeon egg.

Locals attended the Sheffield Full Monty location as the cast and crew filmed behind the hotel and Town Hall in June 2022.

Vince’s Pigeon Loft

Establishing shots of the Vince’s pigeon loft in The Full Monty series set the location near Arundel Gate, Sheffield. The Sheaf Valley Quarter’s Odeon Luxe is visible in the sequence where Lomper misplaces the valuable pigeon.

The Betting Shop

Gaz places a bet in the Winning Post on Brinsworth Lane in Rotherham. Locals spotted Robert Carlyle filming the Full Monty sequel scenes on location at the South Yorkshire bookmakers’ shop in 2022.

Pigeons in the Square

Tudor Square, Sheffield Tudor Square, Sheffield by Andrew Hill, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Gaz’s pigeon scene was filmed in Tudor Square, Sheffield. Images of Robert Carlyle’s character surrounded by pigeons were used as promotional shots for the Disney Full Monty series’ 2023 release.

Tudor Square is defined by its theatres, with the Crucible, Lyceum and Studio Theatres on the square, and more venues standing on the surrounding streets. If you can look past the startling shot of Gaz and his newfound friends, you’ll see the Crucible Theatre in the background. Like the others, it hosts theatrical performances, but snooker fans will know the Crucible better as the home of the World Snooker Championship.

Shop Unit

The Full Monty 2023’s shop filming location is a former Specsavers in Crompton Place Shopping Centre, Bolton. Mark Addy, Robert Carlyle, Paul Barber and Steve Huison were spotted filming the new Full Monty series in August 2022. The Manchester Evening News caught the shoot in progress.