I'm Alan Partridge Filming Locations

1997 - 2002
Updated: 30 August 2017
Comedy Sitcom

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Steve Coogan's comedy series about the socially inept local radio DJ filling the graveyard slot in Norwich.


Alan Partridge
Steve Coogan
Lynn Benfield
Felicity Montagu
Amelia Bullmore
Simon Greenall
Dave Clifton
Phil Cornwell
Tony Hayers
David Schneider
Barbara Durkin
Sally Phillips
James Lance
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The Talented Mr Alan
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Alan's back and life is on the up: he's got the third best slot on Radio Norwich, a girlfriend and a Lexus. While at the garage, Alan meets one of his old teachers, who is persuaded to let him give a talk at the school about how he has "bounced back".

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The Colour Of Alan
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Alan is asked to present a sales conference for Dante's fireplaces of Reading, while Michael stays at the unfinished house after someone steals his front door.

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Brave Alan
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Alan makes a new friend at the BP garage called Dan. They both drink Directors bitter, use Lynx deodorant and both drive Lexi (the plural of Lexus). Dan asks Alan to present a prize at the Norfolk Bravery Awards, where Sonja is hopeful of the opportunity to try out some of her practical jokes.

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Never Say Alan Again
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Alan plans a Bond-athon for the bank holiday weekend with Michael, but they are jeopardised when he discovers that Michael has befreinded a man called Tex, who likes American things. Meanwhile, Lynn makes a visit to her mother's grave on the first anniversary of her death.

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I Know What Alan Did Last Summer
No Scenes 2 scenes
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Alan has a visit Inland Revenue and is worried about the submission of a receipt for a Christmas gift from Bill Oddie. Meanwhile, he tries to convince Sonja that he is indeed friends with Bono.

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Alan Wide Shut
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Alan's house is finally ready and Sonja is angling to cohabit. Meanwhile, Alan's book Bouncing Back has been unsuccessful, and is to be pulped and Lynne is to be baptised. All is going well, but Alan can't stop the flashbacks of the painful days when he ate 4 medium sized Toblerones and drove to Dundee in bare feet.

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Anglian Lives - Alan Partridge
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