Lockwood and Co Filming Locations: Haunted London Locales

Article by Jane

February 1st, 2023

Find Lockwood and Co filming locations like Claremont Square, Waterstones Piccadilly, SOAS University of London, North Weald, Mentmore Towers, Kensal Green Cemetery, Wapping Pier, the Barbican Centre, Tate Modern, QUEII Conference Centre and Chipping Camden’s Kings Hotel and Old Police Station. These are the real locations used for Combe Carey Hall, 35 Portland Row, The British Archives, Jacobs and Co, DEPRAC HQ, the Fairfax Building, Biddlesham Railway Station and more.

Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman), George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) and Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) are young ghost hunting agents in London. In their world, there are numerous adult-run agencies who train up teenage ghost hunters for their extra sensitivity to the supernatural.

After breaking ties with the agency where she trained, Lucy finds a place with Lockwood and Co. They’re determined to make it on their own – but they’re up against life-threatening spirits, and the shady DEPRAC.

Where Was Lockwood and Co Filmed?

Lockwood and Co was filmed in Chipping Campden’s Old Police Station, Kings Hotel and Market Square, and London’s Barbican Centre, Greenwich, Wapping, Islington, Buckinghamshire and Essex. Filming in Chipping Campden took place in July 2021, and at Kensal Green Cemetery in August, with production wrapping in early 2022.

Lockwood and Co is based on the books by Jonathan Stroud. The book series the Netflix show is based on begins with The Screaming Staircase, one of the stories the first season is inspired by. The Netflix series was adapted by Ant-Man and Attack the Block’s Joe Cornish. It launches with Lucy Carlyle taking on a case beside Lockwood before a flashback shows us what her life was like 3 years earlier, when she started training.

Lockwood and Co Filming Locations List

The Monument

Chipping Camden Chipping Camden. Nigel Freeman / Market Hall in the centre of Chipping Camden
The monument in Lockwood and Co’s Episode 1 flashback is Chipping Campden, in front of the Market Hall. In the scene, we see a memorial to ghost-hunters who have died on their missions.
Though the monument was added for the Netflix series, the Market Hall was built in 1627. It’s looked after by the National Trust, and the square is part of a quaint Cotswolds village.

Jacobs and Co Agency

Lockwood and Co’s Jacobs and Co Agency location is the King’s Hotel in Chipping Campden. Jacobs and Co agency is run by Mr Jacobs (Andrew Woodall). In the Episode 1 scene, Mrs Carlyle (Sandra Huggett) signs her daughter Lucy up to the dangerous training programme.

The real Jacobs and Co building is Chipping Campden’s Kings Hotel, a 4-star hotel housed in an 18th Century building on The Square.

King’s Cross St Pancras

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Edwardx, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Lucy gets off the train at King’s Cross St Pancras Station. She’s approached by the woman underneath the arches with the modern platform area behind her.

King’s Cross next door is famous for Platform 9 ¾ but don’t overlook this popular filming spot at St Pancras Station. Among other things, it’s appeared in Downton Abbey and Killing Eve.


The Satchell’s location in Lockwood and Co “This Will Be Us” is Waterstones Piccadilly. Lucy looks in the windows of Satchell’s (since 1974) when she first arrives in London. She’s seen walking in the direction of Piccadilly Circus.

Waterstones was once a menswear store called Simpsons of Piccadilly, and a memorial to the longstanding store still remains on the frontage. In fact, the Satchell’s since 1974 sign looks like it’s been placed over it for the Netflix series.

Look carefully at the Piccadilly Circus billboards in this shot. Towards the left you can see an advert for Fittes, whose officed Lucy is about to visit.

Tube Station

The London Underground station Lucy comes out of is one of the blocks of the Barbican Estate. In fact, the real tube station is a short walk away. The Barbican area’s buildings were all constructed in the Brutalist style after the original streets were destroyed during the Blitz.

It was designed as vision for the future of modern living, with interconnecting residential blocks, arts venues and community spaces.

Fittes House

Barbican Centre Barbican Centre. Fred Romero from Paris, France, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Lockwood and Co’s Fittes House location is the Barbican Centre arts venue in London. If you visit, you can see the Brutalist architecture shown in Episode 1, “This Will Be Us”. But the Netflix show’s Fittes location is really brimming with art and orchestral performances. There’s even a conservatory several stories high.

Lockwood and Co, 35 Portland Row

The Lockwood and Co office building on Portland Row is on Claremont Square in Islington. Located in the Angel area, it was built around a reservoir which is hidden in the central gardens.

A flat in Claremont Square costs upwards of a million pounds, so Lockwood has done well to snag this location for the agency.

Claremont Square in London is commonly believed to be the Harry Potter Grimmauld Place location but there’s some camera trickery here. Shots of 12 Grimmauld Place do use Claremont Square but the action took place on a set with some smart CGI bringing it all together. Read more about the real Grimmauld Place in our spotlight on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Lockwood, Lucy and George Walk to the Archives

Lockwood, George and Lucy walk along Store Street in Bloomsbury on the way to the British Archives. In the scene in Episode 2, “Let Go of Me”, they talk about the potential earnings of solving murders.

This Lockwood and Co London filming location is close to the British Archives Location and walkable from Islington where they set off from. Though the route would be a bit awkward, sending them on a slight loop to the west.

The British Archives

SOAS University SOAS University. Shadowssettle, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Lockwood and Co’s British Archives location is the SOAS University of London at Russell Square in Bloomsbury. It’s just around the corner from the British Museum, within walking distance of Lockwood and Co’s base in Portland Row/Claremont Square.

The British Archives location is the Philips Building which holds the SOAS library – another Brutalist filming location for the Netflix series. It looks like the library is used for interior shots of the archives.

The Fairfax Building

In Episode 3 the Fairfax Building location is the Tate Modern’s Blatavnik Building The signage in the lift suggests it’s 20 storeys tall and is joined to the Iron Works Building. At the top, they step out into Fairfax’s office for their meeting.

It looks like Sir John Fairfax’s office location is part of the Blatavnik Building too. Its windows feature the unusual square design around the windows, seen in the Tate Modern extension’s events spaces.

Biddlesham Railway Station

North Weald Station North Weald Station. North Weald Station by Roger Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The real Biddlesham Railway Station is North Weald in Essex. The location appears at the start of Episode 3, “Doubt Thou the Stars”, when Lockwood and Co travel to Combe Carey Hall. North Weald was once part of the London Underground, but now runs as a heritage railway. It’s recently appeared in several movies including Your Christmas or Mine.

And you can visit this Lockwood and Co railway filming location. The Epping Ongar Railway runs on certain dates throughout the year.

Combe Carey Hall

Lockwood and Co’s Combe Carey Hall location is Mentmore Towers near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. In the Netflix series, it’s a haunted mansion built on the site of an abbey where a mass murder took place. It’s home to such charming spaces as the Screaming Staircase and Red Room.

In real life, the Buckinghamshire mansion once belonged to the Rothschild family. It was designed by Sit Joseph Paxton who also designed the famous Crystal Palace. But while other Rothschild mansions like Waddesdon Manor and Halton House have been preserved at their finest, Mentmore has fallen into dereliction.

The Rothschild mansion appears in Batman Begins, Eyes Wide Shut and The Mummy Returns. It also appears as the mansion Johnny English breaks into in the Rowan Atkinson comedy.

At one point Mentmore was going to be redeveloped as a luxury hotel. When the plans fell through a decade ago, the building fell into disrepair.

Kensal Green Cemetery

The real Kensal Green Cemetery is the Lockwood and Co graveyard filming location in Episode 4, “Sweet Dreams”. In the episode, Lucy is recovering from her collapse when the agents are summoned to a new case by professional gravediggers.

Kensal Green Cemetery is on the Harrow Road, in Queens Park on the northern boundary of Kensington and Chelsea. The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery captured pictures of Lockwood and Co props back in August 2021. It was inspired by the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, and is dotted with mausoleums, statues and chapels among the trees.

The Cemetery Chapel

Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery. MrsEllacott, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
In Episode 4, “Sweet Dreams”, and Episode 5, “Death Is Coming”, the white chapel with columns is the Anglican Chapel at Kensal Green Cemetery. It actually hides catacombs below its stucco and Portland stone exterior. This building is not currently open to the public due to its state of repair. But there are regular tours of the Cemetery which take in its exterior.

In Lockwood and Co we see several angles of the Anglican Chapel. It’s visible in the night times scenes when Lucy, George and Lockwood arrive for their somewhat disastrous attempt. In “Death Is Coming”, the DEPRAC van drives up to its entrance. Lockwood and Co then step inside briefly before making a grim discovery in the cemetery grounds.

The Canal

The canal on the edge of Kensal Green Cemetery in Queens Park appears in Lockwood and Co Episode 5, “Death Is Coming”. Eventually the canal leads to Little Venice.

This is close to a key location seen in the recent crime thriller The Suspect. In the series, Kensal Green Cemetery’s wooded area was a pivotal crime scene that appeared in several episodes.

The Pier

We think Lockwood and Co’s pier location is Wapping Pier at King Henry’s Wharf. It’s situated at the foot of King Henry’s Stairs, at the end of Wapping High Street. This is part of the creepy case the team take on with Florence Bonnard, known as Flo Bones (Hayley Konadu).

Filming for Episode 5, “Death Is Coming”, took place on both banks of the Thames with Wapping and Greenwich both featuring. A local and his cat caught the set-up in progress at Crowley’s Wharf in Greenwich for some of the riverbank scenes.


In Lockwood and Co Episode 7, “Mesmerised” the DEPRAC headquarters location is the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster. George and Flo part ways outside the conference centre building, before he approaches the entrance. It’s just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament - a good location for the government Department of Psychical Research and Control.

The grand building across the square is the century-old Methodist Central Hall which appeared in the movie Suffragette. And in fact, the Grade II-listed building was the scene of real suffragette meetings many years ago.

The Courtroom

The courtroom location in Lockwood and Co is the Old Police Station Courtroom in Chipping Campden. Local magistrates once presided over trials at this Gloucestershire filming location.