The Fall Guy Filming Locations: Sydney in the Spotlight

Article by Jane
May 9th, 2024
The Fall Guy Filming Locations: Sydney in the Spotlight

The Fall Guy filming locations include Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Ocean Street, Chifley Square, Darling Harbour, M4 Tunnel, Circular Quay, Rushcutters Bay, Kimpton Margot Sydney, Dawes Point Park, Boat Harbour, Disney Studios Australia, and more spots around the city.

Starring Ryan Gosling as stuntman Colt Seavers and Emily Blunt as his ex-girlfriend, camerawoman Jody Moreno, The Fall Guy 2024 is loosely inspired by the 1980s TV series of the same name.

Colt is the go-to stunt double for superstar Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), but after an accident onset, he retires from Hollywood. But producer Gail (Hannah Waddingham) tempts him back to an action movie that Jodie is directing in Australia.

Emily Blunt

When Colt arrives, Jodie isn’t happy to see him – and Gail reveals the true reason for flying him out to Sydney. The megastar has gone missing after falling in with a bad crowd, and somehow Colt has been given the task of tracking him down.

The movie’s massive stunts were performed by professionals. And a team of 5 real stuntmen doubled for Gosling during the majority of Colt Seavers’ stunts.

Martial arts-style fight scenes were performed by Justin Eaton, while Logan Holladay completed the dramatic cannon roll. but Ryan Gosling stepped in for a few shots.

With mixed results, as it happens – Gosling talked about his experience of filming the fall that temporarily ended Colt’s career.

"You could see the fear in my eyes," he says. "I have a fear of heights. And they dropped me 12 stories… I think I blacked out. Honestly, I don't remember much."
Ryan Gosling, Colt Seavers

Where Was The Fall Guy 2024 Filmed?

Ryan Gosling
The Fall Guy was filmed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia between autumn 2022 and spring 2023 at Kurnell, Rushcutters Bay, Narrabeen, The Rocks, Sydney CBD, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay and Disney Studios Australia in Moore Park.

Once the home of Fox (now part of the Disney empire), the Southern Hemisphere’s largest film and TV production centre has hosted some of cinema’s biggest hits since 1998.

Movies filmed at Disney Studios Australia include The Matrix, Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit 2, The Wolverine, Furiosa and The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes – and of course, The Fall Guy.

Here are The Fall Guy’s filming locations where those epic stunts took place.

18 Filming Locations from The Fall Guy

1. Colt’s Apartment

Colt’s apartment location in The Fall Guy is on Ocean Street in North Narrabeen, New South Wales. Filming in Narrabeen took place in October 2022, long before the Barbie movie made Ryan Gosling’s Ken a beachfront regular.

2. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Sydney (AU), Opera House -- 2019 -- 3061-4” / CC BY-SA 4.0For print products: Dietmar Rabich /,_Opera_House_--_2019_--_3061-4.jpg /
You can’t miss the Sydney Opera House, as one of the most famous Sydney filming locations The Fall Guy. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed building is a filming location for Metalstorm in the movie – and of course, it appears in the background throughout the movie.

Work began on the building in 1958, but it wasn’t completed until 1973. This The Fall Guy location is very easy to visit – you can walk by the outside of the building, attend an event or take a tour.

3. Circular Quay

The Fall Guy’s Sydney Opera House scene showcases another Sydney filming location, Circular Quay. In the movie, Ryan Gosling’s Colt attempts to follow Jodie to karaoke before he’s stopped by Gail with the plane ticket. The characters are seen heading towards the quay area from the Sydney Opera house.

Circular Quay runs all the way round to the Harbour Bridge, and forms part of the Central Business District (CBD). The quay is bustling with ferry services heading all across the city, while the surrounding area is full of bars, restaurants and art galleries.

4. The Rocks

The Rocks, Sydney The Rocks, Sydney. Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Sydney (AU), The Rocks -- 2019 -- 2133” / CC BY-SA 4.0For print products: Dietmar Rabich /,_The_Rocks_--_2019_--_2133.jpg /
After Alma (Stephanie Hsu) catches Colt before he goes to the karaoke bar, they’re seen in The Rocks. Today it’s a bustling neighbourhood that’s full of entertainment venues, but it also marks Sydney’s oldest colonial settlement.

You can see signs of it in the architecture in places – and it boasts spectacular views with the Sydney Harbour Bridge running alongside it.

These scenes add up pretty well, because it’s a short walk from Circular Quay where Colt parted ways with Gail.

5. Hickson Road

Look out for Colt and Alma talking on Hickson Road on their way to the park. If you turn off Hickson Road, you’ll arrive at Walsh Bay. Instead, Colt and Alma continue on to the park. And yes, it really is at the end of the same road, just as it appears in the movie.

6. The Park

Dawes Point Park Dawes Point Park. Vanbasten 23, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Sydney park location in The Fall Guy is the Dawes Point Park (Tar-ra) in The Rocks. It’s located directly underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and as if that wasn’t unique enough, it’s part of history.

The park is heritage listed and marks the location of Sydney’s first fort, the Dawes Point Battery. Archaeological digs have revealed signs of the former guard’s house, canons and more beneath the scenic Dawes Point Reserve.

7. The Car Chase

The Fall Guy’s car chase was filmed in Sydney’s CBD around Sydney Harbour Bridge, Chifley Square, Martin Place and Phillip Street, and the M4 Tunnel. During the sequence, Ryan Gosling’s Colt jumps onboard a moving garbage truck when the villains kidnap Alma (along with Tom’s cellphone).

8. Sydney CBD

The Sydney street locations used for the garbage truck chase include Chifley Square, Martin Place and Phillip Street. As Colt clings onto the garbage truck, you can see several distinctive buildings from the CBD.

9. Tunnel

M4 Tunnel Entrance M4 Tunnel Entrance. MDRX, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The tunnel location in The Fall Guy’s chase sequence is the M4 Tunnel in Sydney. Filming for the Ryan Gosling movie’s tunnel scenes took place overnight in February 2023 on the motorway tunnel between Parramatta Road and Homebush Bay Drive.

A lot of the action comedy’s Sydney locations are geographically accurate, so how does the tunnel compare? The M4 Tunnel is actually slightly far out of town to make sense.

Going on assumptions about the parts of the truck ride that we don’t see, we think it’s standing in for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Have you gone through the sequence in detail? If you’ve mapped it out, let us know!

10. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Fall Guy’s nail-biting Sydney Harbour Bridge scenes were filmed at the real Sydney landmark in January 2023. As reported by the Australian press, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was shut overnight between 3am and 10am for Ryan Gosling’s The Fall Guy sequences.

“We dragged him across the Harbour Bridge at 30 miles an hour. We put him on top of a truck, and drove through the streets of Sydney.”
David Leitch, Director

11. The Hotel

The hotel in The Fall Guy is the Kimpton Margot Sydney Hotel on Pitt Street. Once the home of the Water Board, The Fall Guy’s hotel location has previously appeared in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken.

Look out for its distinctive Art Deco décor when Colt meets Jodie and Gail in the hotel reception. We think the rest of the hotel sequence was also filmed at the Kimpton Margot (but we suspect the unicorns were only added for the production).

12. Harbour Scenes

Darling Harbour Darling Harbour. Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Sydney (AU), Darling Harbour -- 2019 -- 2064-9” / CC BY-SA 4.0For print products: Dietmar Rabich /,_Darling_Harbour_--_2019_--_2064-9.jpg /
The Fall Guy movie’s waterfront apartment scenes were filmed around Pyrmont and Darling Harbour. Meanwhile, the boat chase sequence was filmed between Pyrmont Bay and Rushcutters Bay.

13. Tom Ryder’s Apartment

We think Tom’s (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) apartment location in The Fall Guy is in the Pyrmont Bay area. This part of Sydney is defined by its smart apartment buildings that line the waterfront, as seen in the Ryan Gosling movie.

It’s located to the west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, close to Chinatown and a host of local attractions. Basically, Tom’s apartment is in a sought-after location with boat moorings on the doorstep, as seen onscreen.

14. The Boat Chase

Pyrmont Bay Pyrmont Bay. User:Philip Terry Graham, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
The Fall Guy’s speedboat scenes were filmed on either side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, between Pyrmont Bay and Rushcutters Bay. The production really did take boats out on the water.

It starts in the Darling Harbour area, just in front of the apartment buildings there in Pyrmont. We think the chase ends in Rushcutters Bay, to the east of Sydney CBD. Look out for the view in the background and you can find the spots.

15. Metalstorm Movie Set

The Metalstorm scenes in The Fall Guy were filmed around Boat Harbour in Kurnell, about 40 minutes south of Sydney CBD. Look out for the movie’s stuntmen really showing what they can do in the sand-based stunt sequences.

The scene where Colt is set on fire was performed by stuntman Ben Jenkin. And The Fall Guy’s stunt designer, Chris O’Hara, had a little fun getting himself and the real stuntmen in front of the camera. O’Hara is the one lighting Colt on fire.

16. The Cannon Roll Sequence

The Fall Guy’s cannon roll sequence was filmed on the shoreline of Boat Harbour in New South Wales. Just as it appears onscreen, Colt’s cannon roll was filmed using a real stunt team instead of CGI.

“Growing up, my dad was a stuntman, so the influence of film sets and the world of stunts was always there. When I learned about The Fall Guy going into production, I knew I had to be part of it.

As for the cannon rolls, after two practice runs and one real take, we had one car and one shot left. And after I hit the eight-and-a-half rolls, I had a pretty good feeling that I had broken the record because it felt like the spinning was never going to stop.”
Logan Holladay, Stunt Driver

Holladay gets a cameo in the sequence too – he’s the crew member seen helping Colt out of the car afterwards.

17. Spaceship Stunt Sequence

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt
The spaceship sequence was filmed at Boat Harbour, Kurnell, to the south of Kamay Botany Bay National Park. The press caught the filming in progress at Kurnell back in November 2022, complete with the ramps on either side of the spaceship.

Stuntman Logan Holladay really completed the 225-foot jump that Colt and Jody describe in the movie. The team completed the stunt by testing it out on smaller-scale versions of the set before attempting the final jump.

18. Helicopter Sequence

Colt’s helicopter scene was filmed near Cronulla. Once used for sand mining, they’ve enjoyed decades of fame as a Mad Max filming location. The latest movie in the franchise, Furiosa, was filmed in the same area – but back to The Fall Guy.

The helicopter drop stunt was performed by Troy Brown after tracking down the safety bag once used by his father. A record-setting stuntman himself, he was the only lead to tracking down a bag large enough for the 150-foot fall.