The Crown Season 4 Filming Locations

Article by Jane

November 18th, 2020

The Crown Season 4 filming locations include Somerley House, Waddesdon Manor and Manchester’s Northern Quarter, joining Hatfield, Knebworth and Wrotham Park. New York, Gatcombe Park and Highgrove are all represented this series, and we visit a new wing of Kensington Palace. Here are 30 of the Season 4 locations.

Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies are back for their final run as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, along with Marion Bailey as the Queen Mother and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

The plot changes for Prince Charles (Josh O’Connell) and Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell) later Camilla Parker Bowles – while Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) arrives on the scene. We also get to know Erin Doherty’s Princess Anne more as the series progresses.

And with those plot changes come new locations. But this is the royal family, so there’s a big emphasis on timelessness and continuity. Only a few locations have changed, with many old favourites staying firmly in rotation.

Where Was The Crown Season 4 Filmed?

The Crown Season 4 was filmed at Hatfield, Knebworth, Wilton House, Ardverikie, Winchester Cathedral, Wrotham Park, Somerley House, Greenwich and Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Many locations return from Seasons 1-3 with some providing a second setting.

Further filming took place on new Buckingham Palace and Downing Street sets at Elstree, alongside real stately homes.

New sets on the backlot at Elstree have given the team greater flexibility and secrecy for filming. But fortunately shoots still took place at the real locations that have given The Crown its authentic look so far.

The Royal Wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral., CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Charles and Diana’s wedding was filmed at Winchester Cathedral, The Crown’s St Paul’s Cathedral filming location. Its Gothic architecture makes a convincing substitute for the real thing in interior shots.

Striking shots of Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) were captured in Lancaster House’s white and gold halls during the wedding sequence as well.
The real show-stealer of the royal wedding is, of course, Diana’s dress.

The Crown’s royal sequence includes Lady Diana Spencer’s entrance in a now-iconic Emanuel gown. Emma Corrin wears a custom-made variation on Diana’s original dress, based on David and Elizabeth Emanuel’s original design:

“The Emanuels, who designed the original, gave us the patterns, and then it was made for me… We were filming the scene when you first see her in the wedding dress—I think it was Lancaster House in London—and I had a team of about 10 people helping me put it on, because it's massive.”
Amy Roberts, Costume Designer

New York City

The Crown filmed Princess Diana’s New York scenes in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Stevenson Square was transformed for with subway signs and yellow cabs for the shoot.

The Crown filming locations for New York’s 23rd Street in Manhattan and the Bronx are actually both the same square. Props and signage were changed around to make it work.

Emma Corrin’s character is shown arriving in the upscale district by limo and meeting citizens who have been helped by NYC charities. The Netflix series recreated Princess Diana’s 1989 New York trip, when and visiting families at the Harlem Hospital and Henry Street Settlement.


Somerley House. Somerley_House.JPG: Wulfrunian1derivative work: Pasicles, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Crown’s Highgrove filming location is Somerley House on the Hampshire/Dorset border. As the country house Charles and Diana moved into after their wedding, it’s one of the new The Crown Season 4 filming locations.

Somerley House is a private home which has been owned by the Earls of Normanton for almost 200 years. was designed by the Wyatt Brothers at the start of the 19th Century. It would have been built on an industrial fortune, but when funds ran low the mansion was left incomplete.

Eventually the 2nd Earl of Normanton purchased the house, bringing in his neoclassical furnishings and artwork that would set the house’s tone.

The real Highgrove is now, of course, the home of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and base of the Duchy of Cornwall. With renovation works long since completed and the gardens turned into a thriving visitor attraction, it’s a far cry from the Highgrove of the 1980s.

Gatcombe Park

The filming location for Gatcombe Park, Princess Anne’s country retreat, is Wrotham Park in Barnet.

Wrotham Park has already been put to use as one of the most notable of The Crown filming locations. The music room is used as the Queen’s audience room in The Crown, and has been since Season 1.

Princess Anne still lives at Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire with her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence. Gatcombe Park is run as a private business, meaning Princess Anne’s estate is not funded by the taxpayer.

Kensington Palace

Brocket Hall. Self, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Crown Season 4 filming locations for Kensington Palace include Brocket Hall near Hatfield. The country house has a strong reputation in the golfing world and as a wedding venue.

With its red brick exterior and luxurious rooms, it’s an ideal location for palace scenes. And going back a few centuries, it was popular with a real Kensington Palace resident, Queen Victoria, who counted it among her favourite retreats.

Another separate location, Harefield Grove in Hillingdon, is also introduced for Kensington Palace scenes in Season 4. Harefield Grove was used in the BBC adaptation of And Then There Were None, and the house is conveniently located in West London not far from Elstree.

The stately homes make a big impression in the new season as Charles and Diana’s London residence. In The Crown, we glimpsed previously established Kensington Palace filming locations in Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s scenes. In Season 4, we visit different rooms of the palace as the focus shifts.

In normal circumstances you can visit part of Kensington Palace, the historic State Apartments. They were once home to Queen Victoria, King George I, and William and Mary. Today these rooms are operated by Historic Royal Palaces and open to the public (check opening dates and prices before you travel).

The rest of the palace is divided into apartments, with various households living feet away from each other in the complex. Princess Diana was closely associated with the residence since she lived at Kensington Palace until 1997.

Princess Margaret lived there, and today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince and Princess of Kent still reside in apartments.

10 Downing Street

Gillian Anderson’s scenes as Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street in The Crown were filmed on set at Elstree. With many landmark No 10 doorstep moments taking place during Thatcher’s time as PM it’s showcased clearly onscreen.

The Cabinet Room

In The Crown Season 4, the Cabinet Room scenes were also filmed on the newly built set at Elstree Studios.

As with 10 Downing Street, this allowed the Netflix show to replicate well-documented settings as closely as possible.

Buckingham Palace

Lancaster House. Financial Times, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Crown Season 4 Buckingham Palace filming locations include Waddesdon Manor, Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, Lancaster House and Goldsmiths Hall alongside the new Elstree sets.

We saw Waddesdon in earlier seasons of The Crown as an exterior location. In Season 4 the Rothschild mansion in Buckinghamshire is used for interior shots.

It’s a screen regular, so you might recognise its design features. Waddesdon was a Rebecca filming location in the 2020 Netflix movie, appearing in the Monte Carlo scenes.

But don’t worry, the old favourites haven’t gone anywhere.

“of course [we] returned to our established Royal Houses, including for interiors of Buckingham Palace, Lancaster House, Wilton House, Goldsmiths Hall and Wrotham… Exteriors of Buckingham Palace were split between the backlot at Elstree plus Greenwich Naval College and Moor Park.”
Mark Walledge, Supervising Location Manager

The staircase and Long Gallery at Lancaster House that have appeared in The Crown regularly since Season 1. Here are the stylistic details to look out for – and how they match up to the real Buckingham Palace rooms they stand in for.

Wilton House’s Double Cube Room has appeared throughout the series, from Queen Elizabeth II’s first tasks as a young ruler. The Wiltshire stately home appears again in Season 4. The Wiltshire stately home appears again in Season 4 - and Wilton’s first, controversial screen appearance is even mentioned by Prince Edward in Episode 4.

Goldsmiths’ Hall is another location from The Crown Season 1. Though we hope not to see a repeat of the grim scene it debuted with. It’s used as the Buhl Room, at the front of Buckingham Palace. The windows of the real Buhl Room open out onto the gates of Buckingham Palace and The Mall beyond.

And of course, the audience room scenes are filmed at Wrotham Park. It first appeared during the King’s reign in the very first episodes.

Greenwich Old Royal Naval College is another screen regular. It’s provided the Buckingham Palace portico since Season 1, though it’s now supplemented by the set at Elstree.

The Garden Party

Season 4’s garden party scene was filmed at another Buckingham Palace location, Moor Park. In the scene, the Queen and Princess Margaret prepare to greet a long line of specially invited guests.

Moor Park is a Palladian mansion in Hertfordshire, a short distance from Knebworth, Hatfield and Elstree Studios.

Once owned by the Earls of Bedford, today the Grade-I listed house and its grounds are part of Moor Park Golf Club. It’s also an elegant wedding and events venue.

The Mall

The Crown filmed on The Mall for Season 4, in direct view of Buckingham Palace.

“I still pinch myself that we get to close The Mall down… We had Emma Corrin, who’s playing Lady Diana Spencer, driving along it with her head out the window of a taxi, the real Buckingham Palace behind her. It felt quite cheeky.”
Benjamin Caron, Executive Producer and Director

It’s a prominent location, and a major step towards realism. Though in fact, the show has been filming on Buckingham Palace’s doorstep since the first season - Lancaster House is practically next door.

Clarence House

The Crown Season 4 filming location for Clarence House is High Canons. We previously saw High Canons as Clarence House in Season 1, with Prince Philip overseeing renovation works. Of course, it’s predominantly associated with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Situated near Borehamwood, High Canons is in easy reach of The Crown’s studio base and the North London and Hertfordshire locations. Hatfield, Wrotham and Knebworth are just a short drive away. A touch of clever set decoration transformed it into the royal residence.

“For the Clarence House sets filmed at High Canons, we brought in new sofas with slipcovers made from Colefax And Fowler's Alicia Chintz… The wonderful thing about High Canons is the pink of the wallpaper in the drawing room, which is so beautiful with skin tones. That with the pale blue of the drapes and the floral fabric of the sofas, lovely summer flowers and more dressing all added to a feeling of comfort and informality…”
Celia Bobak, Set Decorator


Ardverikie House. TimReynard at en.wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Ardverikie, Kinloch Laggan and Knebworth are The Crown’s Balmoral filming locations in Season 4. They’re returning locations, previously seen in primarily relaxed scenes of the family at their Scottish home.

Margaret Thatcher’s visit to Balmoral is covered in The Crown Season 4, so this time the mood is somewhat different. The Queen and former Prime Minister famously found it difficult to bridge their different personality types.

The costumes play a major part again, with Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) looking totally out of place in smart business attire. Meanwhile, the Queen and family are dressed in hardy outdoor clothes.

Ardverikie in Newtonmore is seen in those exterior shots of Balmoral. It’s a Victorian sporting estate in its own right but it’s now also a popular filming location best known as The Crown’s Balmoral and Monarch of the Glen’s Glenbogle.

And fortunately for us, it’s also a Crown filming location you can stay in with several holiday cottages on the estate.

Nearby Kinloch Laggan is used for outdoor scenes like the royal family’s picnics and barbecues on the Balmoral Estate. And then it’s down to the South East of England for the interior shots.

Knebworth might seem a far cry from the Highlands. It’s blend of Tudor mansion, stucco and dramatic Victorian decor helps the Hertfordshire mansion stand in for a Baronial castle.

The house has been in the same family for centuries, but one resident had a particular flair for drama. Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton was the author responsible for the legendary phrase “it was a dark and stormy night”.

You can visit the turreted mansion for yourself, subject to opening days. This Balmoral filming location is open to the public, with outdoor attractions for all the family in addition to the house itself.


Season 4 ushers in a new Sandringham filming location in The Crown. Somerleyton Hall near Lowestoft takes over from Englefield Hall, The Crown’s Sandringham location for Season 1.

Sitting in manicured gardens in East Anglia, it’s not a million miles from the real Sandringham in North Norfolk. A Walled Garden, Arboretum, Maze and extensive parkland populated with centuries-old oaks and limes surround the house.

The estate dates back almost 900 years, to courtiers of the Danish King Canute – by comparison, the house is a nearly-new early Tudor manor. Somerleyton’s architectural style has shifted thanks to the politics of the day, with social reforms pushing changes in ownership and each successive owner putting their own stamp on the house.

Classiebawn Castle

Classiebawn Castle. Joseph Mischyshyn / Classiebawn Castle
The Crown’s Classiebawn location is Ackergill Tower Castle in Wick, Caithness. Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance) is seen departing from Classiebawn Castle in County Sligo and setting out on the sailing trip which would end in tragedy.

Keiss Harbour is the harbour location, also in Wick. Both are remote, perched in the north of Scotland near John O’Groats and a four hour drive away from Inverness.

Despite the dark reality behind the scenes, the landscape at Keiss Harbour and around Wick is beautiful. 15th Century Ackergill Tower is available to stay in, which allowed the production freedom to film interior and exterior shots with fewer problems than stately homes that are lived in by the family.

River Hofsá, Iceland

The Crown’s River Hofsá filming location is on the Dunbeath Estate in Caithness - another Highland location for the Netflix series.

Prince Charles is seen salmon fishing in the River Hofsá in Iceland in Season 4 Episode 1 when he speaks to Lord Mountbatten for the last time.

So, while Josh O’Connor is at The Crown’s Iceland location in Dunbeath, Charles Dance is just half an hour away in Wick at the Classiebawn location. Tobias Menzies and Olivia Colman are a few hours south but still in the Highlands, at Ardverikie where the Balmoral scenes are filmed (except for interior shots, which are filmed just outside London).

Dunbeath is in the region’s Flow Country, home to a Designated Dark Sky Discovery Site and a proposed World Heritage Site candidate. Its dark peatland is close at a glance to Iceland’s volcanic ground. The water representing the River Hofsá is actually the Moray Firth, and Prince Charles could indeed fish for salmon there.

Dunbeath Castle is a private residence, but visitors can arrange to rent a cottage on the estate or tour the gardens by special appointment.


Ragley Hall. DeFacto, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The Crown’s Althorp filming location is Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles is seen meeting Sarah Spencer near the steps to Ragley, and meets Diana inside the same stately home.

Some details were changed - Charles meeting Diana in a Midsummer Night’s Dream costume, for example.

“It was at Althorp, the home of the Spencer family. Then, their second meeting, which we have at the Badminton Horse Trials, but which actually happened at de Pass’s estate—she spoke about it herself in Diana: In Her Own Words.”
Oona O’Beirn, Producer

And the general sequence of events is accurate, with the real Prince of Wales visiting Althorp to see Sarah Spencer. Who as it happened, wasn’t interested in marrying him and said so.

Nineteen generations of Spencers have lived at Althorp during its 500-year history with the family. What we see today is a 17th Century update on the original Elizabethan mansion. The Northampton stately home has hosted monarchs for centuries, and houses a collection of art and antiquities including the celebrated Van Dyck double portrait War and Peace.

You can visit the real Althorp subject to opening days. Check before you travel, since 2020 open days have been restricted to the grounds only. In normal circumstances, visitors can tour the house where Princess Diana grew up and visit the cafe, exhibitions and gift shop.

Or take a virtual tour of Althorp, wandering through each of the rooms including the Princess of Wales Room (actually named for Princess Alexandra on the visit of the future King Edward VII).

The Crown’s Althorp location, Ragley Hall, has been home to the Hertford family for three centuries. But the house itself dates back to the era of Althorp’s renovation, when it was designed by a friend of Sir Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke.

The grounds were set out by Capability Brown, who also designed the parkland at Althorp.

Lord Mountbatten’s Funeral

Winchester Cathedral., CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
The location for Lord Mountbatten’s funeral at Westminster Cathedral is Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester’s stained glass window is identifiable in the scene, which also reveals the similarity in architecture. Lord Mountbatten’s coffin can be seen in the Lady Chapel.

Filming took place in 2019, with Helena Bonham Carter and Olivia Colman appearing at Winchester Cathedral for the 1979 scene.

Winchester was then repurposed for a very different occasion, Charles and Diana’s wedding, which took place two years later.

Braemar Gathering Highland Games

The Braemar Gathering is shown in The Crown’s Balmoral Highland Games scene and it was filmed at Rothiemurchus in the Highlands.

“Against the backdrop of rugged coastlines, white sandy beaches and majestic mountains, Caithness and Sutherland is a magical place to come and visit and experience the history of the northern Highlands and its ties to British royalty, which date back hundreds of years.”
Catherine MacLeod, Venture North

The estate is just outside Aviemore and it’s a reasonable drive from Ardverikie where The Crown’s Balmoral scenes are filmed.

Rothiemurchus Estate is in Cairngorm country, in the midst of mountains and scenic landscapes. They provide outdoor activities from bike hire and archery to clay shooting. If you want to visit this Season 4 location but you aren’t as outdoorsy as the Windsors, there’s a cafe, farm shop and gift shop to enjoy.

Diana and Camilla Dine at Menage A Trois Restaurant

Diana and Camilla’s lunch scene was filmed at Australia House. The ‘Fred and Gladys’ conversation takes place while the Prince of Wales is away on royal duties to New Zealand, with Charles and Camilla’s close relationship coming to light.

Emerald Fennell and Emma Corrin’s characters are seen entering the Australia House building at Aldwych just off the Strand in London. The restaurant doesn’t really exist - it’s a grand, and versatile, function space.

But Camilla and Diana’s lunch really happened. And Menage A Trois was a real restaurant run by Antony Worrall Thompson in the 1980s.

The Dakar Rally in the Sahara Desert

We think Mark Thatcher’s Dakar Rally scenes were filmed in the desert at Almeria, Spain.

The reenactment shows Margaret Thatcher’s son driving through the Algerian expanse of the Sahara Desert. Mark Thatcher really was lost in the desert for several days, after competitors passed on the wrong directions to the organisers.

Almeria’s Tabernas Desert was used in The Crown’s Australian tour scenes with Uluru superimposed in the background.

Other scenes were shot in the area, with parts of the Tabernas Desert providing a close visual match.

South Georgia’s Harbour and the Falkland War

Lybster Harbour. Stanley Howe / The view down to Lybster Harbour
The Crown’s Falkland Island scenes were filmed at Lybster’s historic harbour near Wick in Caithness.

It’s one of the northernmost points on the Scottish mainland, making it a windswept match for the near-Antarctic islands. Wick stands at 58 degrees north, the Falklands at around 51 degrees south.

In fact, the South Georgian island scenes took place 800 miles away from the Falkland Islands themselves. Workers at Leith Harbour, also known as Port Leith, whaling station on the British territory were met by Argentinian protestors in 1982. The port has long since been abandoned.

Caithness, where the scenes were filmed, is of course a different matter. Subject to opening days following the events of 2020, you can visit this Crown Season 4 filming location. Visitors can see a reinstated 1800s smokehouse, learn about harbour life and stop for refreshments at the cafe.

Michael Fagan’s Council Estate

Aylesbury Estate. Mkimemia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Buckingham Palace intruder Michael Fagan (Tom Brooke) is shown living around the Aylesbury Estate in London.

The Southwark development was built in the 1960s and 70s, so at the time he entered Buckingham Palace in 1982 it would still have been relatively modern. In recent decades, its Brutalist residential blocks have been the subject of various campaigns and demolition plans.

The real palace intruder lived in North East London, and still lives near the Holloway Road.

As mentioned in the Netflix drama, he was caught on his second break-in - though there are conflicting reports about how long the pair talked before help arrived.

Oxford University

The Crown filmed at the real Oxford University for the young Margaret Thatcher (Eva Feiler) flashbacks. In the Season 4 Episode 8 episode, Claire Foy returns as Princess Elizabeth for the sequence. The scene shows her 21st birthday speech, which was recorded on a South Africa tour with her parents and Princess Margaret.

Back in Oxford, the young Margaret Thatcher studies and also makes a speech. We see a glimpse of the Radcliffe Camera, Clarendon Building and Sheldonian Theatre. The adjoining Catte Street and the Bridge of Sighs across New College Lane were also used for the 2019 shoot.

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Season 4’s Royal Yacht Britannia scenes were filmed on a replica at Elstree Studios. They were painstakingly recreated from the real yacht, currently docked in Leith to the north of Edinburgh. The Crown’s Art Director, James Wakefield, and his team worked with the Britannia to record every detail.

If you’ve visited, you might just notice a few accurate details from the chintz of the sofa covers to the occasional tables. The colour palette from the 1980s, as seen in The Crown, is still evident on board and the lighting casts a similar glow.

The Royal Yacht Britannia makes its Season 4 debut as Margaret Thatcher and the Queen struggle to agree on South African apartheid conditions in Episode 8.

Charles and Diana’s Australian Tour

The Crown Season 4 filming locations for Perth and Sydney are found around Malaga. Charles and Diana’s 1983 Australian Tour was recreated in 2019.

Palma Pictures stepped in for the Spanish shoots using Malaga’s Tabacalera (an old tobacco factory) as The Crown’s local base.

Netflix’s royal drama has filmed locally before. Torremolinos Congress Centre was used as The Crown’s Los Angeles International Airport location in Season 3. The Andalucian building’s architecture fitted the bill perfectly, matching LAX’s early 1960s terminal building.

In 2020’s new episodes, Charles and Diana are seen driving up to the elegant Palacio Monte Miramar. It’s an exclusive events venue in Malaga set in its own private grounds, with a reputation built on contemporary Spanish cuisine.

Castañón de Mena military residence near Teatinos was used for one of the couple’s appearances. And the packed street scenes of crowds cheering for Princess Diana were filmed in the historic centre of Malaga.

Calle Molina Lario became an Australian location for the shoot in October 2019, complete with replica posters welcoming the royal couple. The area between the Cathedral and AC Hotel by Marriott Malaga Palacio is seen in The Crown’s Perth scenes.


Charles and Diana’s Uluru trip filming location is the Taberna Desert in Almeria. The Crown’s Australian locations are all found around Southern Spain, where the sun is bright enough to give a hint of Australian atmosphere.

The area is also home to Europe’s only desert - a fact that hasn’t escaped filmmakers. Tabernas is famous as a popular Spaghetti Western filming location, appearing in a long list of movies from the 1940s onwards. More recently it was used in Game of Thrones as the Dothraki lands.

The desert is even home to two Western theme parks, Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood and Oasys/MiniHollywood, which appeared in Doctor Who’s A Town Called Mercy (the Gunslinger episode).

The Savoy Hotel

Diana arrives at London’s Savoy Hotel in The Crown Season 4 - the scenes really were filmed at the Savoy. And the Princess of Wales really did visit the Savoy on many occasions.

The floral one-shoulder dress Emma Corrin wears in the scene is an updated take on the original worn by Princess Diana.

The Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s team made The Crown’s Phantom of the Opera scene happen. Season 4’s recreation of Princess Diana singing the soundtrack of Phantom was filmed on the long-running musical’s own stage set.

“They gave us their set, costumes and the orchestra you see on screen is the real orchestra from Phantom!”
Oona O’Beirn, Producer

Andrew Lloyd Webber was there when the real Princess of Wales visited the set in London’s West End and performed to her favourite song from the stage musical. Princess Diana’s Phantom of the Opera video is real too, but nobody outside the family has seen it.

The Royal Variety Performance 1984

Lyceum Theatre. The Lud, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
The Crown’s 1984 Royal Variety Performance scene was filmed at The Lyceum in London’s West End, the real life home of Disney’s The Lion King since 1999.

London Victoria Palace hosted the 1984 Royal Variety Performance for the third time in the theatre’s history. The show has been held at The Lyceum, but only once in 1998, before The Lion King commenced its epic run.

If the picture looks familiar it’s because The Lyceum featured in Claire Foy and Matt Smith’s Season 1 theatre scene.

Diana’s Flat

Lady Di’s flat in The Crown is in Earl’s Court, outside the mansion block where the real Lady Diana Spencer lived before her marriage to Prince Charles.

Season 4’s scenes of the paparazzi following Diana were filmed outside Coleherne Court on the Little Boltons side, just off Old Brompton Road.

The future Princess of Wales lived at 60 Coleherne Court in the middle of Earl’s Court, South Kensington and Chelsea. In The Crown, Diana is shown leaving the doors of Coleherne Court’s H Block in an almost flawless replica of paparazzi shots from 1980.

It was a relatively new flat when she met Prince Charles - she had been given it by her parents as an 18th birthday present in 1979. As shown in the Netflix drama, she moved out before the royal wedding in 1981.